Sâlt the Band [planetsalt.com]


Tommie Freke
Daniel Fox
Ruud Souhoka
Arno Bakker / Gerard Rooker


Hairy Music
Arno Bakker

Sâlt is a fun street band that does walkabouts – but also has an option to bring get-off-your-bum-and-have-some-fun musical instruments for the audience to join in on the spot. Recent years Sâlt musicians have been concentrating on their own bands, projects and art. But the international quartet is up for new adventures!

This fully acoustic quartet is packing all original tunes, extraordinary suits and loads of fun – bringing Beats, Brass & Vocals with minimal techs and specs. SÂLT is a crowd pleaser, determined to establish contact with the audience and not giving in until they turned clouds into clear blue skies. A carnival fusion of original jazz, European, Latin and other world melodies delivered with joy on your doorstep.

During the 1997 Oerol Festival on the Dutch island of Terschelling, theater group Sâlt performed “De drie ware verhalen van Eytje Rotgans” on three different locations. The four musicians of this project, inspired as they were by each others dedication to music and theatre, decided to continue their cooperation under the name ‘SÂLT the Band’. Next they hijacked the streets of the UK and Holland in ’98 en ‘99 with a visual rush of international swing, latin, ska, cajun and funked-up à cappella.

As SÂLT they performed for the Belgian King at Brussel 2000, they played with African Drummers at Fort DuDu. 2002-2005 saw extensive touring in the UK, Belgium, Ireland and the Netherlands. In 2004 SÂLT developed their acoustic street act into a funky stage set incorporating samples, loops, tapes and other electronic devices into. In the years to follow the various members of SÂLT the Band have been working on different musical and theatrical projects. They are linked with Dogtroep and Welfare State International, and a variety of exciting (pop)bands. In 2017 SÂLT made an interactive set for the OEROL festival, bringing shakers, bangers and tuned bells for the audience to join in with the music. This set was finetuned at Encontro in Glasgow and Freedom Festival Hull.

These three options (walkabout, stage set and interactive set) are ready to be booked.